About Us

PT. Marizarasa Sarimurni was established in 1973 by Mr. Jatmatama and Mrs. Enggawati. The premiere product was Srikaya Spread. Srikaya Spread is made of coconut milk, eggs, and pandan leaves (screwpine leaves). Through continuous development and innovation of products Srikaya Jam is famous in Indonesia for breakfast including other Fruit Jams, Chocolate and Peanut Butter spreads produced by Mariza.

In 1976, Layer Cake was produce for the first time at our factory. Those were times when Layer Cake was produced through simple baking process allowing production capacity of around 10 to 15 cake tins per day.

PT. Marizarasa Sarimurni continues to expand and secure it's position as a prominent food company in Indonesia. Our company combines creativity and advance technology to manufacture high quality and unique products in conjunction to the progress of our era. PT. Marizarasa Sarimurni always pursue it's main goals in terms of increasing it's production capacity, distribution and market share through producing various ranges of food products both for domestic and international market.

PT. Marizarasa Sarimurni is the first company in the world exporting original Indonesian Layer Cake to various countries around the world. Our Layer Cake is vacuum packed, baked layer by layer and made of choice materials to maintain a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature. In this era of globalization, our company expect rapid growth based upon our philosophy of innovating quality products made of choice materials.

Our company continues to search for improvement and innovation of new food products. Improvement of the machineries technology allow manufacturing of products are conducted regularly in order to fulfill consumer demand and complement existing range. bottom1 Through this Internet network, our company wishes to provide a brief explanation of who we are and how we think and perform our work. Our company perceived that trust and support from the public is required for the success of our work and business. We invite you to get to know our company and product closer through this internet network.