PT. Marizarasa Sarimurni is dedicated into pursuing the missions through combining the tradition of products, people and resources into becoming an enforcefull corporate entity. In addition, the company's persistency and track of history during the past decade is an invaluable asset to guide it through the oncoming globalisation era.

Most of all, the company is also keenly aware of it's responsibilities towards the Indonesian nation and its people. The creation and establishment of more work opportunities among other things, thus training and educating human resources shall become one of the most important aspect.

The company maintains continues developments and innovations of products, some of which have cultivated hundred years of tradition dating back to the ancient colonial days of the Dutch people. Products are processed with modern technology and brought to the attention of international society thus getting acknowledgement for it's outstanding record worldwide. All of our products are favoured and cherished by people all over the world.

We bring tradition into reality.