New Product

new choco magic


Since 1973, Marizafoods always wanted to create innovative products to satisfy their consumers. This time, Marizafoods comes up with new idea for their new product “Mariza ChocoMagic”. Just like topping jam, Mariza Chocomagic is the first local products in Indonesia.
Shake and Pour Mariza Chocomagic on Ice Cream, and experience the magic. It forms a hard shell of Chocolate that increase your appetite. Mariza ChocoMagic is suitable for the ice cream lovers and horeca industry. It also can be applied on Frozen Fruit.
Now, with this new innovative product from marizafoods, “Mariza Chocomagic” will make your dream come true to eat ice cream with choco coating in every occasion.

Experience the magic with Mariza ChocoMagic!

marizamonica morisca morita