Snacks with a various of special topping
In the afternoon will complete if relax while drinking tea and enjoying the variety of sweet snacks. To enhance the appearance of snack, it harmless to give special toppings. Here we present snacks like Fruit Bowl Caramel Sauce, Mocha Peanut Pie, Blueberry Sauce Layer Cassava, Layer Bread & Belle. Enjoy the dish.

mangkuk buah saus karamel (fruit bowl caramel sauce)


Ingredients :
2 pieces of spring roll skin
to taste oil for frying
50 ml Caramel Topping Mariza
1 Apple Malang, diced
50 gr strawberry, halved
50 gr anggur, halved
2 pieces of leaf lettuce
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Directions :
1. Cut the spring roll skin in a circle diameter of 15 cm. Fried spring roll skin to form a bowl with 2 scoop of vegetable, with a large size and rather small scoop, then fried until golden brown, remove & set aside.
2. Mix & stir the apple pieces, strawberries, apples & lime juice, store in the refrigerator, remove & set aside.
3. Take a bowl of fruit spring rolls, cover with lettuce leaves & add fruit mixture. Serve with Caramel Topping Mariza

Serves 2

singkong lapis saus blueberry (blueberry sauce layer cassava)  


Ingredients I:
400 gr of cassava, peeled & finely grated
75 gr grated coconut
50 gr milk powder
100 gr cane sugar
1 teaspoon salt

Ingredients II :
150 gr labu parang (pumpkin), peeled & grated coarse
50 gr sago flour
½ teaspoon salt
75 ml Mariza Blueberry Topping
25 gr grated coconut, steamed

Directions :
1. Mix the ingredients I & stirr well, set aside. Stir ingredients II until well blended and set aside.
2. Heat the steamer and prepared square baking pan measuring 20 x 20 cm which has been covered with plastic & covered with vegetable oil.
3. Enter the first batter and flatten, then add the dough II above I and flatten dough. Make a batter coating until the dough runs out.
4. Steam the dough for 40 minutes until done, remove cake and refrigerate.
5. Once cool, remove cake from pan and slice to taste. Smeared piece of cake with grated coconut and give Mariza Blueberry Topping and serve.

For 16 pieces

lapis roti cantik (layer bread & belle)  


Ingredients :
6 pieces of white breang, remove the skin
100 gr strawberries
50 gr pieces of Oreo Cookies, crushed
50 ml Mariza Strawberry Topping
50 ml Mariza Chocolate Topping
Whipping cream ready to use, to taste
Green berries for garnish

Direction :
1. Cut white bread and strawwberry fruit forming dice and set aside.
2. Prepare a glass serving, insert a piece of bread in the bottom of the glass. Add Oreo cookies that have been crushed, flush with Mariza Strawberry Topping, give a piece of bread again and strawberry fruit.
3. Finally cover with whipped cream, and give berries topping with Mariza Chocolate Topping. Garnish with fruit & cherries.

Serves 2

pie kacang mocha (mocha peanut pie)  


Crust Pie Ingredients :
125 gr margarine
75 gr refined sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg yolk
250 gr flour

Filling :
100 gr RAP vla instant flour
300 ml cold milk
50 gr cheddar cheese, grated

Topping :
75 gr nuts donuts
100 ml Mariza Mocha Topping
5 pieces of red cherry, cut into 4 pieces
mint leaves to taste

Direction :
1. Beat margarine, refined sugar, salt until soft, put the egg yolk and mix well. Add flour, mix and roll out the dough to a thickness fo 0.5 cm. Mold pie dough with a mold pie that has been smeared with butter dan prick the bottom of the dough with a fork.
2. Bake pie dough in the oven at 180 0C for 25 minutes until cooked. Lift and remove it from the mold, let cool and set aside.
3. Filling : Mix RAP vla instant flour with cold liquid milk and beat until thickened, add grated cheddar cheese and stir well.
4. Prepare pie crust and add 1 tablespoon of dough filling. Give a sprinkling of nuts donuts and flush with Mariza Mocha Topping. Decorate with pieces of red cherri and mint leaves and serve.

For 20 pieces